Irrigation Installation in Pasadena

A beautiful, healthy, green lawn is the perfect accessory to a lovely home. And in order to stay healthy and green, your lawn needs to be watered regularly. But who has the time to get up early in the morning, pull out the garden hose, and water the entire lawn? Plus, there’s the hassle of regulating your water and making sure all areas are watered evenly. But don’t worry, there’s an easy solution to this problem. A lawn irrigation system will keep your lawn looking great without all the hassle.

And Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape can give it to you with our sprinkler system installation services. You can decide where, when, and how your lawn gets watered. You can regulate exactly how much water you want to use. And you can finally catch some extra z’s in the morning. Contact us to learn about all we do and see if our garden irrigation systems are right for you.

Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape Makes Irrigation Easy

So, you decide to go out of town for some rest and relaxation. You hired a dog sitter, dropped the kids off at Grandma’s, and had your newspaper delivery stopped. But what about your lawn? Left unattended, your beautiful lawn won’t get the watering it needs. It will become parched and dry, and when you come home from vacation, you’ll have an unsightly front yard.

That’s not much of a welcome. You can avoid that problem with an automated irrigation system. All you have to do is simply set a timer for your garden irrigation system to go off every day. Your plants will get their regular watering, and you’ll have peace of mind. There’s no easier way to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Choose the Sprinkler Professionals

When you want your sprinkler installation done right, don’t bother with “DIY” videos, and forget about enlisting your friends. Lawn irrigation is way trickier than it looks, and one mistake could end with a soggy lawn and faulty sprinklers. Choose the experts at Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape. Our hardworking staff members are all fully licensed and extensively trained in sprinkler installation.

We’ll work with you closely to determine your needs, and make sure we can give you exactly what you want. Our team of landscaping contractors have worked with a wide variety of sprinkler types on many different properties. We have the training, experience, and skills to give you a perfect lawn irrigation system. And as fellow residents of Pasadena, we’ll give you the friendly service you can only expect from community members.

Contact Us Today for Irrigation Installation in Pasadena

If you want to improve your life with the magic of a lawn irrigation system, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re always happy to answer your questions, hear your ideas and comments, and help you go over your options. If you need an estimate on lawn irrigation system cost, we can even offer a free quote.