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Are you struggling to keep the plants and flowers in your garden alive? If your soil is too tightly packed, your garden is likely suffering. When your soil doesn’t have enough breathing room, your plants miss out on air, water, and all the important nutrients they need. Don’t let your poor flowers suffocate! There’s an easy way to solve this problem: aeration.

Brick Pavers

Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape’s brick paving services will give you the beautiful driveways, walkway, or pathway you want, right on your own property. Our brick pavers are designed to mimic the look of many different materials, so you’ll always have your choice of options. From clay pavers to concrete pavers, paving stones will make your path so beautiful, you’ll think you’re in a storybook of your own.

Decorative Concrete

If you’re the creative type, you’re probably looking for a way to give your backyard some flair. You’re in luck, because there’s a great way to make your space look awesome, and it’s called decorative concrete. Decorative concrete is the best way to give your outdoor space a little something special. Your backyard, walkway, or patio will look unique and beautiful with the addition of decorative concrete. And Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape is just the landscaping company to give it to you.

Garden Design

At Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape, we believe in flower power! There’s nothing like a beautiful garden to change your life and make you feel better. Studies show that spending time in nature can help reduce stress and anxiety, and there’s no better way to do that than with a beautiful garden in your own backyard. Whether you need a garden to relax, spend time with your pets, or grow beautiful flowers, our landscape design service will give you a garden that suits your needs. You won’t ever want to go indoors!


“Hardscaping” refers to the build elements of landscaping, like patios, driveways, gazebos and light fixtures. It’s the opposite of “softscaping,” which refers to the natural elements of landscaping, like trees, flowers, grass, and bushes. Both elements have to come together perfectly to create the perfect landscape. Many people think that soft scaping is more important, but hardscaping is just as vital to your project.


Hydroseeding: what is that, exactly? The name makes it sound fancy and confusing, but it’s really quite simple. In fact, you’ve probably seen a lot of lawns that have benefitted from hydroseeding. It’s a quick, simple, and efficient way to spread seeds across a large area of land. We use special hydroseeding equipment to spray a seed/mulch mixture across your soil.

Irrigation Installation

A lovely lawn is an essential part of a beautiful property. And in order to look great, your lawn needs regular watering. The best way to keep your lawn looking its best is with an irrigation system to keep it well-watered. A sprinkler system from Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape will ensure your lawn receives the regular watering it needs to become healthy, lush, and strong.

Irrigation System Repair

We’re a team of highly trained and skilled lawn contractors with the needed expertise in irrigation system repair. Our brilliant team has the know-how, experience, and brains to solve any sprinkler problem. With our help, your life and your lawn will be back to normal.

Landscape Architecture

A beautiful home is worth all the admiration in the world. And there’s no better way to emphasize a beautiful home than with a beautiful landscape. Now, with Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape, you can have a gorgeous landscape to match your home. All of our brilliant employees are highly skilled in creating landscape architecture that inspires admiration.

Landscape Lighting

Sure, the autumn leaves are pretty, but taking care of them is another story altogether. When it comes to leaf raking, gathering, and disposal, who has the time? Plus, leaf maintenance is painful, and can often lead to sore backs and hand blisters. Don’t put yourself through the torture. Do the sensible thing, and hire Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape for all your leaf removal needs. We’ll get the job done effectively, thoroughly, and fast.


Your property is more than just the space surrounding your house. It’s part of your personal world. It’s where all the best memories are made, from sipping lemonade on the patio to relaxing with a furry friend on a lush, sun-kissed lawn. You deserve landscape features that bring out the best moments in your everyday life. And now, with Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape’s residential landscaping services, you too can have the property of your dreams.

Landscaping Company

We are happily willing to take on simple tasks, whether it be mowing the lawn or pruning your trees. We have the skills and knowledge to make recommendations about how to take your home garden to the next level.

Landscaping Construction

Quality is everything, especially when it comes to your living space. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and your property deserves the very best. Whether you need a new patio, gazebo, or barbecue area, or you need your driveway paved, you need to know you’re getting quality work. The professionals here at Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape have you covered.

Leaf Removal

Sure, the autumn leaves are pretty, but taking care of them is another story altogether. When it comes to leaf raking, gathering, and disposal, who has the time? Plus, leaf maintenance is painful, and can often lead to sore backs and hand blisters. Don’t put yourself through the torture. Do the sensible thing, and hire Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape for all your leaf removal needs. We’ll get the job done effectively, thoroughly, and fast.


Are your plants struggling to grow? Are you dealing with dry or discolored grass? Your soil might very well be experiencing a lack of nutrition. Just like pets or children, your plants need a lot of nutrients to grow big and strong. When they don’t get that nutrition, they become sickly and frail. Mulching is a great way to give your soil the nutrients it needs to feed your plants and grass properly.

Outdoor Fire Pits

There’s no better place to curl up and relax than in front of a crackling fire. It’s the perfect place to read a book, sip tea, and toast marshmallow with loved ones. Now you can have the comfort and warmth of a fireplace right in your very own backyard, with the work of Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape. We’ll give you a backyard fire pit that’s warm, fun, safe, and functional. We’re a fully trained and licensed team of local contractors with the skills and expertise to give you the outdoor fire pit of your dreams.

Outdoor Kitchen

Here at Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape, we know how important a good kitchen is to create a great meal. We’ll give you an outdoor kitchen that’s convenient and functional. We’ve created outdoor kitchens, built-in grills, kitchen islands, and outdoor barbecues for people all over. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll listen closely to your vision to give you an outdoor cooking space that suits all your needs.

Patio Construction

Patios are where the fun happens. From nighttime cocktail hours to afternoon tea parties, they’re the perfect place to host friends and family. When you want a patio that will be the perfect host to all your favorite activities, you hire Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape. We’ll give you amazing service, incredible work, and a patio for any mood or activity. Our incredible team of landscape contractors is waiting to begin construction on your perfect patio. Curious? Read on and learn how you can have the patio you’ve always dreamed of.


Want to add a little class and elegance to your backyard? Get a pergola. These beauties originate from Italy, and they’ll give your backyard a touch of European flair. Pergolas are shady structures comprised of four strong pillars and a thatched, grid-like roof. These architectural landscape features are beautiful, useful, and tasteful. They’re the perfect space to relax, enjoy the sunshine, and sip a cup of tea.

Retaining Walls

Is your soil slip-sliding away? Is your hilltop garden oh so slightly slanted? There’s a solution for these problems, and it’s called a retaining wall. As you might guess from the name, a retaining wall does the job of retaining, or holding back, materials in your garden. Gravity is no match for a retaining wall system.

Sod Installation

Have you ever wished you could roll out grass on your lawn like you roll out a beautiful rug? Well, guess what: you can! Lawn sod is the most efficient, attractive way to fix a damaged lawn. And Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape is the right landscaping company to do it for you. Our sod installation services will make your dead, damaged, or decomposed lawn look like new again.

Sprinkler Installation

Is your lawn thirsty? If you’re seeing dry patches, dying grass, or discoloration, it probably is. It’s important to give your lawn the water it needs to grow healthy, green, and beautiful. But in today’s busy world, it’s hard to take the time to water the lawn every day. Between the obligations of work, family, and a social life, who has time to water their lawn? Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this problem. A sprinkler system will give your lawn or garden all the water it needs without the hassle.

Sprinkler System Repairs

A faulty sprinkler system can cause chaos in your yard. Things are normal, everything is coming along fine, until all havoc breaks loose. Suddenly, you’ve got water spraying everywhere, a soggy lawn, drowning plants, and flooding. Total disaster! When your sprinkler system is that out of hand, there’s only one solution: call Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape.

Water Features

They say happiness can be found in your own backyard, and it’s true. With the work of Tom's Picture Perfect Landscape, you can have the amazing outdoor water features you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re the zen type who loves relaxing water streams, or the dramatic type who always dreamed of a personal waterfall, we’ll make it happen. We can give you the water fountain, aquatic garden, water stream, or koi pond of your dreams.

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